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Digital Photos Online - What's New?
October 25, 2010

What's New At Digital Photos Online?

Hello! This is the first newsletter for Digital Photos Online!

I hope you all have been enjoying how to work with your photos. The digital world can be confusing, and what makes it even more so, is that things are always changing.

Now and then I add some new pages just for fun. One that was recently added was Pictures of Tuscany. I recently spent two weeks in a villa there with my family. After taking over 500 photos, I selected seven of my favorites and you can see them on the above page.

Did they come straight from my camera? No! I impulsively purchased an inexpensive compact camera, the Canon A3100 IS, prior to leaving as my other camera was not working. If you are looking for a camera that is not too expensive, this one is not bad. It is about $150. Unfortunately, I was so busy with the plans for the trip, that I never spent the time I should learning about the camera. Not that you can't just point and shoot. You can. But I found some special tweaks that you can always have set that made a big difference. Of course I found this out after I returned. I wrote about them here Inexpensive Cameras. But in a nutshell, there is a place to go where you can increase the contrast, sharpening and saturation (3 of my favorite adjustments). It really makes a big difference and produces quite nice photos. I take mostly landscapes.

I took one of the Tuscany photos and put it on my page Edit Photos. Here you can see the "before" photo and what I did to it.

However, after all was said and done, I decided to get a better camera. I saw some photos taken by a friend of mine on the trip that were sharp and colorful. After doing some research on that camera, I decided to trade up to it. It is the Canon S95, which is pretty new. It sells for about $399. You can read about my thoughts on it here. Point and Shoot Cameras.

Well happy picture taking and please visit my site to learn about working with your digital photos.

Regards, Susan

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