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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorial
Resizing Image and File Sizes

This is an Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorial on how to resize your digital photos.

This happens to be one of the features that I love and use the most. Not only can you make the size of the image smaller, but you can also adjust the file size. This is extremely helpful when you are placing images on a website or blog as the loading time will be faster. It's also helpful for posting pics to forums as they often have file size limits. You can easily reduce your image size in various editing programs, but how do you know what the file size is? This Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial will show you how easy it is.

Here is how to adjust both the image size that you see and the file size in Photoshop Elements. By the way, these Photoshop Elements tips for resizing images work the same in the more expensive Photoshop!

1. Open your image in your Photoshop Elements Software.

2. Go to Image(on top) > Resize > Image Size

3. Make sure Constrain Proportions is checked on the bottom. This will keep the same proportions of your photo as you resize.

4. Select a width. Go to View(at top) and choose Actual Pixels. You will see what the image at this size will really look like on the screen. If it's too large or small, go back and select a different width.

5. Go to File > Save For Web

6. You will see both images side by side, the original photo and the new, resized one.

7. Look down at the bottom and you will see the difference in file sizes. It's often huge!

8. You can adjust the new file size further to make it even smaller (or larger for more clarity, but this is often subtle).

9. To do this, go to the upper right panel. I'll assume you are working with a JPEG file, although there are other file format choices. Below "JPEG" you will see what the quality is. You can select low, medium, high, very high or maximum.

10. I like to keep the new size under 50K, but you can adjust yours according to how your image looks. You'll find by decreasing the quality a notch or two won't make that much of a difference in how the picture looks, and you will dramatically decrease the file size.

11. Once you are satisfied, click OK. You can save your image with a new file name which will create a new image and keep the original one. I almost alway keep my original photos and do it this way. If you don't care about the original at all, you can save it with the same file name and you will be asked if you want to replace the original image. Say yes.

This Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial sounds like a lot of steps, but once you have done this a couple of times it's a breeze.

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