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Camera Shutter Speeds
What is Shutter Speed & How To Use It

By adjusting the camera shutter speeds, you can be have control over how a subject appears in a photo.

The most common way to use shutter speed is to increase it to a high number when photographing fast moving objects. This helps to freeze the subject and eliminates blurriness you would get otherwise.

Typical shutter speeds in average cameras will go up to 1/2000. DSLR cameras can have camera shutter speeds as high as 1/8000. At the other end, slow shutter speeds can go as long as 30 or more seconds.

There are a few different ways you can work your camera's shutter speeds. Most cameras have these options.

1.Leave your camera in the Automatic mode and let the camera technology make all the decisions and do all the work.

2.Choose from one of your camera's Scenes, such as Sports. The camera will select a high shutter speed anticipating that this what will be needed for Sports, or fast moving objects.

3. Choose Shutter priority on your camera's modes. This will allow you to choose the shutter speed yourself. If you choose one of the highest speeds, there should be enough light to allow for this. Typically a light will come on notifying you if your image will be too dark.

As mentioned, use a high shutter speed when shooting quick moving objects. But you can also use a slower shutter speed at the other end of the scale in darkly lit situations. A tripod will help. This is because the opening of the lens is larger, so while it is open there is more chance of your hand shaking. A tripod keeps things very still.

There are some other techniques you can use while controlling the shutter speed.

Select a slow shutter speed and follow your subject while it is moving. As you do this, press the shutter button. What this does is keep your subject in sharp focus while blurring the background.

Slow vs. Fast Shutter Speeds
Some photography works well with both fast and slow shutter speeds. It all depends on the image you are trying to capture and what you want it to look like. Let's take flowing water, for example. By using a fast speed, the water will be sharp and detailed. By using a slow speed, it will be soft and flowing.

There are even more techniques for advanced users, or even for beginners who want to explore. The important thing is that if you are going to be photographing subjects that require extreme shutter speeds, you should look for this feature in a camera.

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