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Carbonite Backup

Carbonite is a data backup service. Carbonite backup allows for backing up of any images or other
folders and files on your computer by working quietly in the background. The information is backed up to Carbonite's secure servers.

With online backup storage such as this, you don't have to worry about fire, theft or external hard drive failure.

You can choose which folders and files you want to backup...or even your entire hard drive

Carbonite automatically selects the most important places, but you have the option of choosing whatever you like.

There are two ways to set up Carbonite backup.

1. Allow Carbonite to continuously backup your information. This means that it will be working on and off throughout the day and night. If you make an addition or change, it will be backed up as soon as your computer is idle.

2. You can set your own schedule for backups. For example, you might choose every night at 3:00AM. This is a good option if you decide that you don't want Carbonite running all the time.

Carbonite has an interesting system to let you know what's what. Perhaps you want to know if something is backed up. There is a colored dot system. All of your folders and files will have one of these next to them, except any that are not designated for Carbonite online backup.

Solid green means that the folder or file has been backed up. Green with a white center (looks like a donut) means that there are files in a folder that have not been backed up yet. Yellow means that this folder or file has not been backed up and is pending. You have the option of turning the dots off completely. .

Carbonite is $49.95 per year. There is a 15 day free trial, so you can try it out for yourself.

Carbonite Problems?

I use Carbonite Online Backup. Although many people love Carbonite, it wouldn't be fair for me not to include the problems I have encountered. On my computer, Carbonite uses a huge amount of resources. This means that it slows my computer down. After numerous emails with customer support, I was told to delete my temporary files, and then uninstall and reinstall Carbonite. I know that deleting temporary files can be a good thing. I also know that it can cause problems. So at this point, I haven't done anything yet.

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