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Using the correct digital photo paper is one of the key elements in creating wonderful photo prints.

We have all seen the beautiful, glossy pictures that look outstanding. The colors are breathtaking and everything looks just perfect. You can do this too with some simple knowledge. Without knowing certain things, successful printing can be quite frustrating. I have been there myself.

To achieve this, there are a few things you must do, most of them quite simple.
  • Make sure your photo on your computer is how you want it to look when printed.
  • Perform simple maintenance on your printer's print heads.
  • Select the right digital photo paper.

  • Choosing the Right Digital Photo Paper

    If you go to the store, or even shop online, for photo print paper, it is easy to get confused. There are so many companies and so many different types of paper!

    Major companies, such as Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard, all strongly suggest that you should use their digital photo paper when printing your photos for best results. I do not agree with this.

    I have had great results mixing company printers and papers. You might have to do some trial and errors, but once you find one that works well, you can stay with it. Printing paper can be expensive, and you might find a great deal on another paper.

    However, you can't go wrong with purchasing a recommended paper by your printer company. You will then have to decide which of their printer papers to buy. Here is an overview to help you decide which is best for your printing needs.

    Matte photo paper are those that are not glossy and have no shine. There is no glare or smudging. Sometimes you may want this type of picture. Just because they are matte does not mean the quality is poor. It is just a matter of personal preference. Personally, though, I prefer glossy photos most of the time.

    Glossy photo paper has a nice glossy finish. I feel that this adds a nice quality to pictures. This type of paper is advisable for most digital photo printing. It is typically of high quality and will produce prints that are very, very nice.

    Premium glossy photo paper
    is one of the higher quality types to choose. They produce excellent print quality and good longevity in regards to fading and curling. Perhaps you want to frame a picture or use it in a portfolio. In this case you would want to purchase the higher quality paper.

    Each company will name these papers differently. For example, Hewlett-Packard makes various glossy papers in each category. Their glossy photo papers are offered as HP Premium photo paper, HP Advanced photo paper, or HP Photo paper. For premium glossy photo papers, you would buy HP Premium Plus photo paper.

    Additional Photo Paper Differences

    You can also choose a paper based on more specific needs. Some of the other characteristics you can check out are:
  • Weight- you may desire a heavier paper.
  • Drying time - some papers should be left to dry for awhile, while others (such as HP Advanced Photo Paper) dries almost instantly.
  • Finishes - you can also find papers that are semi glossy.
  • Fade resistance - the better quality digital photo paper will have superior fade resistance.

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