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Choosing A Digital Photo Printing Service
Things To Consider

A digital photo printing service will provide you with beautiful and professional photos.

To be honest, I print out my own photos. I have been tempted to try a digital photo printing service, but I like to see the results immediately and do any tweaking right away if the print is not to my satisfaction. Plus, I enjoy it. However, over the years I have put in a lot of time and effort learning how to get good results.

So I can understand people who just want to send their photos to professional digital Online photo printing saves print service and leave the headaches to them. Yet, there are many different companies who offer this service, so how do you choose which one to use?

Here are some things to look for:

Print Quality - To me, the most important would be the quality of the prints. Not that the other points on this list aren't important also, but without good quality, what's the point?

Simplicity When Ordering - Let's face, you don't want ordering digital photo prints to be complicated and time consuming. You want it to be easy and simple.

Turn Around Time - If you are not printing out photos yourself where they appear almost instantaneously, at least let's have a decent delivery or pick up time.

Inexpensive Pricing (or at least the going rate) - I would feel better knowing that the price for online photo printing isn't too far off from what I would pay to do it myself…maybe a bit more for the convenience.

Shipping Costs - typically shipping fees for online digital photo printing are reasonable, but to upgrade the cost jump up quite a bit.

*I have a packet of 4" x 6", Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy, 50 sheets, which I use for my own prints. If I were to buy this from Amazon, it would be about $12.50, which comes to .04 per sheet. But then we need to add on the cost of the ink. Printing services charge anywhere from (average) .08 to .19 per 4" x 6" print.

I decided to do research on various digital photo printing services. There are many reviews out there. The problem is that they are all different regarding print quality. So I took the ones that are at the top of most comparisons, and created the list below. Information is correct at time of this writing. (January 9, 2009)

All of these companies have good quality and ordering is easy.

4" x 6" photos cost .09 each.

4" x 6" photos cost .15 each.

Kodak Gallery
4" x 6" photos cost .15 each.

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