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Digital Stock Photos
What Are The Different Types, Uses and Costs?

Digital stock photos can be used in many different ways.

Advertising, such as magazines or brochures, and websites often need photos.

Stock photographs are placed into different categories and licensed differently. It's a good idea to take a look at the licensing for a stock photo. It is similar to when you download music with certain licenses. There are some great sites which have Photos To Buy, including cheap stock photos.

Stock Photos For Sale

One of my favorite sites to purchase photos from is Fotolia.They have some of the nicest photos at the best prices. You can get great pictures, for example, for your website for just $1.00. If you want larger images, they are just a bit more. Here are some pictures of children that I downloaded from Fotolia for just $1.00, and I even made them smaller in size. You can also see some funny pictures of cats at their original size, which is a bit larger than those of the children - also $1.00 each.

Another great site for purchasing cheap photos is Shutterpoint, which has stock images for any project and budget. Like Fotolia, many photos are just $1.00. You can see some pictures of houses or pictures of sports cars to see the professional looking photos they offer.

Free Stock Photos

There are digital stock photos that you can get absolutely free. The quality can be decent, although you may have to look a little further. I have some recommendations for websites that offer Free Stock Photography.

Selling Stock Photos

You, yourself, can earn income by selling your own photos! It's pretty easy to do. The more digital stock photos for sale that you have, the wider the selection will be and the more you will make. There are many sites where you can both buy and Sell Stock Photos

Photo Licenses
Here are some different types of licenses, information and sample pricing.

Rights Managed Stock Photography
These photos are typically licensed for a particular use, purpose and time. If you wanted to use it again, you Stock photos can be free.would have to pay additional royalties. The use of these photos can be quite expensive, However, there is a better chance that it is more of a unique image.

Royalty Free Stock Photography
With Royalty Free Stock Photos, you can use them over and over again for one fee, without paying any royalties. The cost is less than Rights Managed Stock Photography. There are also some limitations, but they are fairly loose. For example, one that is common is that you may not resell the photo.

Royalty Free Micro Stock Photography
These are typical to regular Royalty Free Stock Photos. However, you can still get great quality photos for a fraction of the price. Many are one dollar and can range just a bit higher. This is great for uses such as websites.

Often they are available in different sizes, where the smallest size is the least expensive. There are still some loose licensing rules as above.

There are also sites that offer a stock photo subscription. This means that instead of purchasing images individually, you pay a flat fee and then have the right to download a specific amount of images. You might consider this option if you are planning to download a very large number of photos.

The photographer always owns the copyright to the photos and is just licensing you to use them, even with Royalty Free Stock Photos.

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