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Your H2 Heading

You can use an SBI Table Of Contents (TOC) include here.I have not put that into this template, however if you wish to do so then email me and I can give you the information to do it.

Notice the heading background passes BENEATH images, text-boxes etc? See the boxes lower down on this page.

You may or may not like that effect, but I think it adds a little depth to the page.

So pay attention to where you use this, if you dont want this to happen.

Text in this column is set to 93% size of the main center column.

This width of any column can be altered quickly and easily. The page will shrink and expand to fit the monitor size of your visitors.

This template will validate perfectly ....meaning less variation in how it appears in different browsers. Try it, take a look at it in Both IE and Firefox (or Safari and Opera, if you are a Mac user).

An H3 Heading

Anything you like can go here. Google adblock, site news, any thing that will fit.

If you put an image in thats too wide however, you may force the column to be wider than you want.

The navigation is css driven. As there are no graphics involved, the load and response times are very fast indeed. Having the navigation code stored off the page also increases load speed.
This is a good area to add your RSS information.

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