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External Hard Drive Backup
An Excellent Way To Back Up Your Photos

An external hard drive backup is an easy method for backing up photos or other hard drive information.

These devices are not that large and can easily rest along side your computer. External hard drives can be connected to your computer's USB port.

When you purchase an external hard drive, it will come with software. The software allows you to set various types of backups. However, it does not have to be complicated.

The two main types of backups are:

Using Backup means that if you lose information on our computer and need Backup to an external hard get it back, you would have to do a Restore. This restores your files and folders as they were before any problem happened. Typically the data backup software will have a Restore function.

This means that you are simply making a copy of your folders and files. I happen to like this method because I can easily open anything up to make sure that it was copied. If I need to get these files back, I can either copy and paste or even drag them over to the main computer.

What Gets Backed Up?

You decide which files and folders to backup, or duplicate. Usually it is a matter of just selecting them. When doing an image backup, if all of your digital photos are in My Pictures, you just need to choose that folder. However, as long as you have the external hard drive, you might as well back up anything else that is important, such as My Documents. You can also choose to backup your entire computer.

There are two methods with which to do an external hard drive backup.

Complete (This may have another term, depending on the software.)
Everything in your folders and files that you selected is backed up, even if nothing has changed. ALL information is backed up.

Only folders and files where information has changed are backed up. This hard drive backup takes much less time, and in my opinion is preferable.


You can create a backup schedule for your external hard drive backup, which is a good idea. This way it will be all taken care of automatically. You can backup every day, every other day, once a week, once a month, etc. I do a backup every night.

There are more choices in image backup software, (or just backup software), but these are the main ones to know about and use.

I like external hard drives because I can check to see that the folders and files I chose to be backed up are there. However, if there is a power failure, and you don't turn the drive back on, you can go a long time without realizing it. That has happened to me. In addition, if there is a fire or theft, you are out of luck.

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