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Facebook Pictures
Creating Albums - Privacy Options

Facebook Pictures is an application in Facebook where you can display your photos. You can upload single digital images or create albums for sharing.

How Does Facebook Photos Work?

You can add photos to your Facebook account, by doing the following:
  • Login in to your Facebook account. You can easily create one if you don't have one already.

  • On the rights side navigation bar, you will see a heading called Applications, listing different Facebook categories. Click Photos.

  • On the upper right of the screen, click Create A Photo Album.

  • On the next screen is where you will enter information for your album and also select privacy options.

  • Enter a name for your Facebook Album.

  • Enter the location, if desired.
  • Describe your online photo album.

  • Select your privacy options.

  • You have four choices as to who can and who cannot view your photos.

    1. Everyone - Anyone and everyone will be able to see your pictures.
    2. Friends of Friends - All of your friends and all of their friends may view your Facebook pictures.
    3. Only Friends - Only your friends will be able to see your photos.
    4. Some Friends - Specify your exact friends. No one else will see your pics.
    5. Only Me - You are the only one who will be able to see your albums/pictures.

    Note: For Everyone, Friends of Friends, and Only Friends, you can exclude any people that you like by just entering their names.

    Once this is completed, you will be taken to the Upload screen. Navigate to the pictures you would like to upload. (You may upload 60 photos per album.) Select your photos by placing check marks next to your choices. Click the Upload button.

    The next page will display your images and you will have some options.
    1. Add a caption to each image if you like.
    2. Choose which photo you would like to be on your album cover.
    3. Click the Add More button at the top, if you decide that you want to upload more pics to this album.
    4. You can arrange the order of photos by clicking the Organize button. Just drag them around on the page.
    5. You can also edit (choose Edit Info) any of the album information you originally selected. For example, you might want to change the album name or your privacy selections.
    6. When you are done, click Save Changes.

    Now your friends, based on your privacy options, can view your photos and also leave comments.

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