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Fotki -
Storing and Sharing Your Photos

Fotki is an excellent site to store your photos and an excellent as a backup system.

Yet Fotki has many other great features other than photo storage. You can easily share photos, order prints, sell photos (premium members), create tags, post comments, and easily manage your photo albums. It's a very popular site, with over five million members.

There are two kinds of accounts that you can have.

Basic Membership
Basic membership is free. You can store up to 100MB of photos with this type of membership, and you can request an additional 50MB every 30 days. That's quite a bit, but for those of you who have tons of photos, this might not be enough, and you should consider the Premium membership. (See below)

There are two things that I really like about Fotki, even with the free membership.

  • There is no limit as to photo file size
  • . Upload a huge fileā€¦no problem.

  • Fotki stores both your original image size and a compressed one. When you view your photos on the site, you will see a very nice compressed image. Yet immediately beneath the image, you will see the option to view at the original size.

  • There are three interesting options that are offered if you would like to place your album on a website or blog. You can make a "mosaic" out of an album. Various small images of your album appear in a layout. Alternating larger ones will appear, constantly changing.

    You can also make a slideshow.

    There is also an option to stack your photos. If you click on the top of the stack, the next image in the stack will appear.

    Other sites may offer free storage, but your original photo size is not stored, just one reduced in file size. As a backup system for photos, this is a huge disadvantage. If you ever lose your photos, you will also have lost the original image. It's also nice to be able to see your original at the larger size with just a click of the mouse.

    Premium Membership
    With this type of account, there is no restriction on photo file size and your original images will be stored also. However, you have an unlimited amount of photos that you can upload. There are no restrictions. Therefore, this type of account is an excellent way to backup any and all of the photos on your computer.

    A Premium membership also permits you to sell your photos. You can decide on your own prices.

    Premium membership is $30 per year, with a discount if you sign up for three years.

    Fotki Photo Contests
    This site is always running contest, which can be a lot of fun. Not only can you submit your photos, but voting can be done. You can vote on the photos of others and others can vote on your photos. I like that they show what the average vote is and what you voted. Maybe you voted like other people and maybe not.

    Comments can also be left on the contest photos. Don't be intimidated thinking that anyone who enters is a professional. The quality of photos runs the gamut from excellent to...well, not so excellent. At any rate, it's interesting. You get to store your photos, share them, and have fun too.

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