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You can find free screensavers online so that you don't have to pay anything at all.

Some are fair, while others offer excellent and interesting graphics.

You can add some flair and excitement to your computer desktop by choosing a screensaver or desktop background theme that you enjoy looking at. Having a screensaver on your computer can accomplish many things.

It can make you laugh if it is funny or instantly be calmed if it is a serene scene. No matter what type of mood you are seeking with your screensaver, the options are definitely plentiful in number.

Some of the Top Free Screensaver Sites

If you are anxious to get started finding the great screensavers of desktop images, there are a few top screensaver sites where you can look to locate a wide variety of unique graphics. Some sites you can start with include

American Greetings
Free Screensavers
Screensaver Online (I particularly like this one.)

All of these sites offer a wide array of options and are free to download which equates with a great selection for an even better price.

If you want to look further, the following will provide some tips for finding more screensavers.

Have a Theme in Mind

When looking for a free screensaver, it is usually helpful if you have a theme in mind. Not only will this cut down on the confusion often felt due to the large quantity of these items but it will also help you to find the best of the best. Screensavers range anywhere from calming beach scenes to vibrant colored backdrops. If you have a certain theme in mind, you are sure to find it in a screensaver.

Don't Be Tempted to Pay for a Screensaver

Even though you are searching for free screensavers, you may come across certain screensavers which you love but you have to pay for them. Try to withhold the urge to do so and keep searching for similar ones that are free. You are bound to find one similar to the one you like and not have to pay a dime for it in the end. There are often the same screensavers floating around online which some websites offer to you for free and others make you pay for them. Therefore, with a little more research on your part you are bound to come across the same screensaver being offered to computer users for free.

Use Search Engines to Locate Free Screensavers Online

One of the best ways to locate great desktop themes is to use one of many search engines available to you. Whether you use Google, Yahoo or another popular search engine, you will find plenty of results which point you in the right direction towards free screensavers. Simply pull up the search engine and enter in terms like "free screensavers online", "screensavers for free" and other like terms. This will get you started on the right track to finding a free screensaver to turn your boring computer screen into an engaging and lively one.

If you are ready to take advantage of free desktop images, start the search now and find a screensaver which will add some excitement to your computer screen.

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