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High Pass Filter
A Photoshop Technique For Sharpening Images

High pass filter is sharpening method in Photoshop. The photo sharpening that it produces is excellent, although it has a few steps to it.

Quick Summary of Steps for High Pass Filter

* Duplicate Layer
* Filter - Other - High Pass
* Blending Options
* Overlay
* Adjust Opacity

Detailed Directions

1. Bring up the photo you want to sharpen in Photoshop.

2. Go to Layer on the top toolbar and select Duplicate Layer. Name this layer as High Pass. (You can call it anything you like).

3. On the top toolbar, select Filter. Then choose Other and finally select High Pass.
An additional image will appear on the screen. This image will look very strange, but don't worry. That is what it is supposed to look like at this point.

4. You will see a slider on the bottom where you can enter the Radius in pixels. Start off with 10. Click OK.

5. Right click on your image. Select Blending Options.

6. Under General Blending, for Blend Mode, select Overlay. Move the slider to adjust the Opacity. You will see the changes in your image as you do this, so that you can decide how much sharpening looks the best in the digital photo.

7. Beneath this in the same window is the Advanced Blending Option. Use the Fill Opacity slider to make additional opacity adjustments. You can try choosing the color channels or leaving them unchecked to see what works better for your image.

8. When finished, click OK.
When you save your photo, decide if you want it saved as a Photoshop file (PSD) or a TIF file. If you are going to use your image in another program, TIF files are more adaptable.
These sharpening adjustments can be explored for various results. You can also create a few different layers to see what different settings produce, turning the layers on and off to see the various results.

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High pass filter can be used in Photoshop.

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