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How To Print Screen
Printing, Saving and Editing Print Screen Snapshots

How to Print Screen on your computer is quite simple and can be used for capturing any image that you see on your computer screen.

Once this is done, it goes to your clipboard and can be accessed by doing a Paste.

Print Screen is easy to do.

Your Print Screen key might say Print Screen, or it might be abbreviated. On my keyboard, it is labeled PrtScn. To take a snapshot of your current screen, simply press the Print Screen key. This will quietly perform the print screen command.

Now the screen is waiting on your clipboard for you to access it. But how? Basically you will paste it into a program that will allow the Paste command. Which program to use depends on what you want to do with the image.

Saving the Print Screen Image
You many simply want to store it on your hard drive so that you can access it at a later time. In this case, the easiest program to use would be one such as Microsoft Word. Open Word, and simply click Paste. Your computer screen snapshot will appear. Do a Save As to save it.

Printing the Image
If you want to print it, you can also use Microsoft word, or a similar program. Open the program, Paste, and then just go to Print to print it out. Easy.

Editing the Image
Ok, I will admit I just figured this out recently, and it is pretty interesting, particularly for images where the right click feature (and the Save As) is disabled.

Do the Print Screen command. Now open Windows Paint. This can be found at Start - All Programs - Accessories - Paint.

Now do a Paste. At this point you can do some editing in Paint. However, this is quite limiting. So do a Save As, and save it as a JPEG. (You cannot save it as a JPEG in Word). Now you can open the image in any photo editing software and edit as much as you like. Crop, sharpen, resize, etc.

If this is a photo, the quality is not going to be top notch, but you can still do some basic editing. Of course, to be fair, what you can do with the image legally is questionable due to Photography Licensing. I am only mentioning what I discovered regarding how to Print Screen.

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