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Kodak Gallery is a very popular site for sharing photos.

It also offers lots and lots of items to buy related to your photos. Just join for free and you are on your way. Basically, photos that you upload to Kodak photo gallery are stored in albums that you create. Each time you upload digital pictures, you can start a new album or add them to an existing one.

You will find the most important tabs up at the top, laid out very clearly. Upload, Share, My Photos, Buy Prints and Shop are all located there.

Uploading to The Kodak Photo Gallery

To begin uploading photos to Kodak Gallery, click the Upload button. You will be taken to a screen where you have quite a few choices as to how you want to do your uploading. Once you decide what's best, you can use this method for all of your uploads. If you don't choose anything at all, you will be forced to upload photos one by one, which is annoying. So be sure to choose another option.

I chose the Kodak Gallery Upload software and find it very easy to use. You must download it. I would suggest leaving the icon on your desktop. Whenever you want to upload some photos, just click on the icon. (You don't even have to be on the Kodak photo gallery site.). A screen will appear where you can browse through your folders and choose pictures. If you have a folder open, you can also just drag and drop them onto the screen. This was so easy to do.

After you have selected which photos you want to upload, it will ask you if you want to see your photos on the site. Click Yes, and you will be taken to the site to view the photos.

Thumbnails of your images will appear, and beneath them are additional options. You can ignore this or explore. The options there are:

  • View Larger - see your image at a larger size.

  • Edit and Add Borders - you can do simple edits and add creative borders to your pictures.

  • Add a Photo Title - add a caption explaining the photo, or something fun and creative.

  • Tag as a Favorite

  • Delete

  • If you choose to view your photo larger, there are items that you can purchase. For example, you can buy a mouse pad with your image on it for $9.99. If you want to order prints, click the tab at the top that says Buy Prints and you can then make your choices. You can also create Kodak photo books and order them through the site.

    The Kodak photo gallery also works with Cooliris, the extremely innovative software that let's you view photos in a different way. Once you have downloaded the program, just hover your mouse over any of photo or album to activate it.

    Kodak Photo Sharing

    Sharing your albums is so easy. Just do the following:

  • Click the Share tab on top.

  • Select the album that you want to share.

  • Enter his/her email address - you can add multiple addresses.

  • Add a subject.

  • Add your own invitation message or leave the standard one provided.

  • Send.

  • The person you send the invitation to will receive an email, inviting them to click on a link. This will take them to your album. You can also add addresses of friends or groups to the Kodak Gallery, like an address book.

    I love the way Kodak photo Gallery displays your albums to guests. It is as a slide show, but guests have options to tweak it. Viewing as a carousel or as a mosaic are both options. There are also different speeds to choose from.

    Kodak photo sharing is very easy. However, there are two things that you should be aware of. The first is that you must purchase something once every twelve months, or Kodak has the right to remove your photos. You can just buy one 4 x 6" photo if you like, and that will satisfy the requirement.

    The second is that Kodak Gallery compresses your images for online viewing. This just means that the file sizes (not photo physical sizes) are reduced. Your original photos are there to be used if you choose to order pictures, so that the resolution is optimal. Yet, if you ever need to get the originals back, you must order an archival CD, which you must pay for.

    There is a paid option also. For $24.99/year, you can get such additional features as special offers on prints and other items, a personal home page, additional ways to display your photos, and unlimited downloads of your high resolution photos. This last feature alone is worth it.

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