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Kodak Photo Books

Kodak photo books is another way to create a digital photo book online and then place the order.

Although everyone knows the Kodak name, I found the process less user friendly than using Shutterfly to create photo books.

I thought I would write this review for two reasons. First, there are many who use the Kodak Gallery to share photos, so creating a photo book there would be convenient. (An there is a free account.) Your photos are there already.

Second, it's good to have a comparison among different sites where you can create online photo books.

I do like all the themes Kodak photo books offer and there are very nice album covers to choose from. Leather, linen, and smooth matte are Kodak Photo Books are easy to create.all options. Along with this, you can choose from various colors and sizes.

Prices are not that much different from Shutterfly pricing. A 10 1/4" x 9" book in leather costs $39.99. Linen and smooth matte are both $29.99. You get 10 single sided pages or 20 double sided pages with each book. You can add additional pages as you create the photo book, but there is an additional cost for each page.

To create and view the book you need Macromedia Flash Player installed. I found this a little confusing. Even though I have the latest version installed on my computer, you still have to click on "I have installed the newest Flash plug-in."

Two of my photo book pages.

I found the layout options for Kodak photo books limited. It's not that you can't create a great photo can. It's just that other sites, such as Shutterfly, offer many more options.

There is an Auto-Fill option which works quite well. I selected it and was pleased with how everything looked. There is a choice of 1, 2, or 4 photos per page. With the Auto-Fill, all pages must have the same number of photos, yet each page's layout might be different. Some may feel it limits creativity, but it worked well and was a great time saver.

To preview the photo book you created, you must click on the Order button. During preview, you can still makes changes and even add pages if you like. Be sure to do any editing of your photos before you create the photo book.

One thing about Kodak Gallery that you should know. You must make a purchase once every 12 months, or they reserve the right to delete any of your photos. The purchase can be as small as one 4 x 6 photo. Even so, you have to remember to do this.

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You can edit with picasa 3.

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