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Microsoft Photo Story
Photo to Movie Software

Microsoft Photo Story 3 provides a way to take your digital photos and make them into a fantastic, engaging movie scene.

Going above and beyond the normal slideshow presentation, this software presents different views of the photographs and puts it all into motion with flair and ingenuity.

The following will highlight the features of Photo Story software and the benefits of using such a photo to movie software program.

Great Features of Microsoft Photo Story

When you use a photo to movie software program, there are a few features you should look for which will make the software the best it possibly can be. Some of these features include ease of use, one-click capabilities, narration and personalization features and multiple ways of sending them to friends and family members. If you choose Photo Story 3, you are in luck as this software has all of this and more. You can also add music.

Here is a video I created with this photo to movie software.

With Photo Story 3, you can take your favorite digital photos and turn them into a work of art. Put your still shots into motion and make a story come to life right before your eyes. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows and is extremely easy to use. Many of the features which you will find present with Photo Story 3 are in fact one-click options, which makes the whole venture very simple.

Benefits of Choosing Photo Story Software

There are many benefits of selecting Microsoft Photo Story 3 to transform still shots into motion. First, this software has many different features for which to individualize your photo to movie project yet is still easy to use. When you use this software you won't have to sacrifice quality for ease of use as you will get both.

Also, Photo Story 3 for windows provides you with more than just a photo to movie option. You can add your voice to tell a story in true form or add great little captions around the moving pictures. These added features really give the digital photos turned movie show an extra special effect to please all who view it.

Another benefit to choosing the Microsoft Photo Story 3 option for photo to movie software is that the files of the finished product are really small which makes for easy sending to others. If you have ever received a large file from friends and loved ones which has taken an eternity to download, you can certainly appreciate the beneficial aspect of having a finished product in the form of a small file.

I happen to love the music option. The software offers free music for you to choose from. I used some of it for my own videos. You also have a choice of incorporating any of your own music. I did this too. The entire process is fun and easy.

Note: When downloading music, pay attention to the copyright information.

Photo Story 3 has it all with regard to great features and an easy to use software program. If you are looking for a movie maker software item which will provide you with a superb finished product quickly and efficiently, then Photo Story 3 is the way to go.

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