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Photo to Movie Software: Bringing Your Still Shots to Life

Photo to movie software allows you to bring your still shots to life by creating a movie-like effect.

This is done by essentially taking your still digital photo shots and moving the focal point in and out to create a movie-like scene. If you are interested in making your digital still shots that much better by putting them into moving form, the following will offer up some options regarding the best photo to movie software out there these days.


Qlipboard offers photo to movie options and so much more.

One of the top "movie from photos" software options available these days is QlipBoard. With QlipBoard capabilities you can turn your photo shots into videos and broadcast these videos in many different ways including instant video blogs, uploads and podcasts. Some of the great features which you can take advantage of with QlipBoard include the following:

  • Add audio for extra effect
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • One click capabilities
  • Ability to draw and type characters to add a personalized touch to the photos
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  • Able to send via many different forms such as email, blog and podcast

  • With QlipBoard you can add extra niceties to make your video stand out from the rest.

    To Download: Qlipboard

    Photo Story 3

    Photo Story 3 is Microsfot software and an innovative program where a moving story can easily be achieved with a few clicks and some creativity. With Photostory 3, one can turn plain, stationary photos into art in motion. Here are some of the wonderful attributes which make Photostory 3 a front-runner in the photo to movie software genre:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP
  • Provides small file sizes for easy sharing
  • Special effects components
  • Voice narration
  • Title and caption personalization
  • One-click touch up capabilities
  • High quality graphics and picture
  • Easy to use
  • Add music - choices in software or add your own

  • I particularly like the music option. There is music in the software that you can choose or you can download your own music. I chose my own music to download in the above movie.

    With Photo Story 3, you can give your favorite pictures that added flair. Not only can you put your pictures into motion but also you can add titles, captions and even put your voice in tune with the digital photos. With all of these great features, more and more individuals who express an interest in movie software are choosing Photo Story 3 as it is easy to use, has voice narration and special effects as well as one-click components.

    To Download: Photo Story 3

    Features to Seek Out With Photo to Movie Software

    With the many different movie software types, it is hard to go wrong with your final decision. With that said, when considering the various options, keep in mind how easy it is to use each program, what features are available with the specific brand of software and what the final product looks like to those viewing it. When considering all of these features you are bound to choose the right software.

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