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Where To Find Photos To Buy

Can't find great free images? Consider purchasing images.

You might want to find photos to buy for many reasons.. Perhaps you need some attractive digital images for your website or blog. Print advertising also may call for some interesting pictures, used for brochures, magazines, mailings, etc. You might need one for a business card or logo. These are just a few reasons There are many places where there are photos to buy.of many.

So how do you go about buying images?

There are many excellent stock photo websites with millions of photos to buy. Some sites allow you to purchase images individually. Others require that you pay for a subscription. Some give you the option of either one. There are cheap stock photos and those that are more expensive.

You may ask why you should pay for images when there are also sites where you can get free digital images. Here are some of the reasons.
    A much wider selection
    Better quality
    More unique images
    A larger variety of sizes

You can look at both types of sites. You may just find what you are looking for at one of the sites where they are free.

If your needs fall into any or all of the above reasons, I have put together some excellent sites with photos to buy. Some are not that expensive and start at $1.00 for an image.

Fotolia has over 4 million digital images photos to buy. Pricing is done in credits. Just so you know, 1 credit = $1.

It's very easy to buy a photo on Fotolia. First open an account. Then choose to either buy with credits or buy a subscription. They do have a minimum credit purchase of $10. Next, select the image you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart. At this time you'll also select a license (which designates what you can and cannot do with the picture). Then just download the picture. Done!

You can search for particular types of photos to buy with a keyword, category/gallery or tags. They also have a lightbox, which is where you can save images for later viewing or purchasing. You can also create galleries there.

When you open this site, there is a category list easily seen on the upper left hand side o the screen, with over thirty categories. Just go to the category of your choice. When you purchase an image, a license pops up for you to review. You can buy individual images.

The images are more expensive than Fotolia. However, it is rather fun, because along with just downloading a photo, you can also buy a variety of items with the digital image on it. Prints, posters, sweatshirts, key chains, etc. are all available. A pop down menu appears and you simply choose what you want to buy.

The site is geared towards those that are more professional, which means the photos are top notch.

Shutterstock is a subscription site. You have a choice of different subscription plans.

On Demand plans allows you to download a fixed amount of images
whenever you want to within a year. For example, one subscription allows 12 downloads for $49.00. This would include small to medium size jpeg digital images. The fees go up if you want larger images or you want more photos to buy. They can get pricey, but of course your allowances go way up also.

The 25-A-Day plans allow you to subscribe for one month, three months, six months, or a year. As the name implies, you can download up to 25 images per day, with a limit of 750 per month.

By the way, Shutterstock has some beautiful videos that you can download also.....great for websites to spice them up.

This site offers a Credit Package and Subscription plans.

With the Credit Package, you can buy as little as 10 credits for $10.00. This entitles you to 10 images which you can download anytime within 12 months. I goes up from there.

If you opt for a Subscription plan instead, there are various plans to choose from. The more images (package) you buy, the higher the cost, but the price per image is lower.

Subscription plans start at 300 images for $98.99, which is 33 cents per photo. This is good for 30 days, with a daily limit of 10 images.

Dreamstime also offers free images! They have an entire category for this, so take a look.

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