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Picnik Photo Editor
Making Easy and More Advanced Edits

Picnik photo editor allows you to edit your photos and it is extremely simple.

Go to the Picnik website and you can upload your photos from your computer, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr Photobucket, Myspace, Webshots, Web and more. If you want to edit a photo from your computer, just click on "Upload a Photo". If you register, you can upload five photos at a time.

It is simple to use and very user friendly.There are a few tabs at the top. You will most likely choose Edit to start. Once you have done so, there are various options for enhancing your image.

Auto-fix - Have Picnik photo editor optimize your photo. As with Auto-fixes in any photo editing software, you may or may not like what it's done. However, you any always undo or tweak from this point.

- Along with making a horizontal photo vertical and vice versa, you can also straighten out a crooked picture.

Crop - Just drag on the image to crop. You can also crop to a specific size like 4 x 6.

Resize - Change the size of the image to make it smaller. (If you make it larger, you will often lose some clarity.) You can resize by actual height and width dimensions or by a percentage.

Exposure - The basic fixes are exposure and contrast. However, you can click the Advanced button to fine tune it even more. There is a histogram where you can adjust highlights and shadows. this is one of my favorite fixes because if your photo is too dark or light, this will you can fix the problem here...very easy too.

Color - Change the color tone or richen the color by using the Saturation slider.

Sharpen - Here you can sharpen you photo. Be careful though. Sometimes sharpening can cause the image to look jagged.

Red-Eye - Removes red-eye for both humans and animals.

Save and Share
This is where you can save your changes. What I like about this is that you can adjust the file size if you want to. Let's say you are posting the photos somewhere and there is a maximum file size. Perhaps you are putting it on a website and you want a smaller file size so that it will load more quickly. Here is where you can do that just by moving a slider.

When you save the photo to your computer and you leave its file name the same, it will replace the original photo. If you change the file name, it will add your edited photo as an additional one, keeping the original photo too. If you are saving the photo to another place, such as Picasa Web Albums, Picnik photo editor will actually ask you if you want to save it as a new file or replace the old one.

From the Save and Share tab, you can also email a photo directly to someone, or you can print your photo from here. There is an upgrade available in Picnik Photo Editor that offers even more features.

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