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Here are some pictures of houses that I downloaded from Shutterpoint, which has stock photos in any category and many thousands to choose from. I found them to have very cheap photos compared to many other sites. The pictures on this page were much larger, which is a nice feature...even though the photos can be as inexpensive as 99 cents, their size can be quite large. Many of these were two or three times as big as you see them displayed here.

House photos can be used for many purposes. Sometime you may just want some ideas, while at other times you may need them for such things as websites, brochures, blogs, magazines, etc. It's nice when you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for pictures but still get some very professional looking photos.

Pictures of houses can look nice in the right setting.
This is a very beautiful home set back from it looks like a pond. I like the way the Dogwood branches frame the house.

The reflections of sky and trees in the water are also a nice element.

Some pictures of houses have nice architecture.

This house is in France and many of the homes there are made from this local stone, which is ochre rock found near the sea...states the photgrapher. It's a pretty inviting house picture.

Pictures of houses can be interesting.

This is a nice traditional photo of a house.

Just a nice, old traditional house.

Here is a picture of a victorian house...& moon.

All these pictures were just 99 cents at Shutterpoint. Just do a search for "houses".

This is a photorelaistic picture of a house.

I think this was a photo with some photorealistic landscape design and architectural elements added to it. What's nice is the architecture and the intriguing sky.

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