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Printing Software Above The Rest

Qimage is photo printing software and produces excellent results.

It is very good at interpolating the information in your image, creating prints with professional looking detail and optimal quality.

Color management is another area where this program is above and beyond most printing software. You can choose to get very involved using sophisticated methods, or select a more simple way. Either way, the color of your photo on the computer screen matches quite well with the printed image.

There are a variety of layout choices also. You can choose to have a single image on a sheet or multiple images. You can even mix different sized pictures on one page. One thing I like about this photo print software is the option to choose how your image fits on the paper.

Often, the photo size does not match the paper size. In this situation, you have two choices. The first is to crop the image so that it will fit. The second choice is to stretch the image slightly. If you don't want to do this tedious work of matching the sizes yourself, you can designate that the software do it for either way. Each have their pros and cons, but at least you can make the decision.

You can also view slide shows and email your photos. Any setting you choose are automatically remembered.

I will not tell you this photo printing software is easy to learn. It does have a learning curve and can be challenging. However, once you understand the different choices and how you want to set things up, then it is like anything else. If you use it regularly, it becomes second nature.

Qimage is not free, but it is very reasonable, and you get free lifetime upgrades. The owner, Mike Chaney gives great support, and is always working to make improvements. There is a 30 day free trial available.

There are three different ways to purchase Qimage.

  • Lite Edition $34.95
  • Professional Edition $49.95
  • Studio Edition $89.95

  • When I was getting my landscape design portfolio together, this is the only software I would use. I actually did some tests and comparisons, and the printed photos surpassed Windows XP and Photoshop in quality.

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