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The ways to resize digital photos can often be confusing.

When you do a photo resize, you should know the difference between the physical size and the file size of the digital image. Resizing images is typically done with photo editing software.

Physical Image Sizes

You might want to make a picture look smaller for a couple of reasons. Perhaps it just looks too big on the computer screen and a smaller image size makes more sense. Maybe you would like to print a photo at a particular size. By changing the physical size with software, you can get the image to be whatever size you like.

File Image Sizes

Reducing the file size means that the actual pixels in an image have been reduced. This can be important for the following:

  • When placing pictures on a website, larger file sizes may cause your web page to load slowly. By reducing the file size, you can avoid this.

  • Many forums will not allow you to post a digital photo if it is over a particular file size.

  • Emailing is another area where you may want to resize digital photos. Not only do smaller sizes speed up the delivery time, but also many email providers have limits on how large a file can be when sending. This will normally be important when you are sending a batch of photos.

  • File size has to do with the quality of the photo.

    When you reduce the file size and keep the physical size of a picture the same, image quality is reduced. That is because there are less pixels of information now in the same image.This does not always mean that the photo is not clear. It depends on how much the quality/file size is actually reduced.

    The key is to reduce it as much as possible and still have the picture of acceptable quality.

    Resizing photos can be easily done with software. A photo with reduced image file size.
    Both pictures above are the same physical size of 350 x 263 pixels. However, the image on the left has a file size of 95kb, while the image on the right has a file size of 12kb.

    Take a close look at them. You will see that you can hardly tell the difference between the two images.

    Almost all photo editing programs allow you to resize your photos. However, ideally you want the following:

  • A program that lets you work with both the physical size and the file size. You may not need this all the time, but it should be an option if you want it.
  • One that is easy to use. There is no sense in getting frustrated. You should be able to easily resize an image pretty quickly.
  • Software that lets you see what your resized image looks like immediately, without having to go to another screen.

  • So which photo editing software would I recommend for specifially resizing photos?

    Web Resizer would be the one. It is actually an online photo editor. Web Resizer is SO simple when you want to resize digital photos. I also use Photoshop Software, which I have had for years, but it is definitely pricey.

    *Update: Due to installation problems with Photoshop on a new computer of mine, I decided to purchase Photoshop Elements. I love it! This is now the program I use for all of my resizing of photos, as it easily takes care of both adjusting the image size and the file size. Save for Web is unique in that it works with the file size. You can read about how to do it at my Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial.

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