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What Are The Best Ways To Share Photos Online?

One of the best things about taking digital pictures is to share photos online...aside from enjoying them yourself!

There are various ways to share your pictures. Here are the most common ways:

Photo Sharing Websites

These sites have a double purpose. The first is to have them there for others to view. It is easy to share photos online.Many sites allow you to make them public or private.

If public, anyone can view them. If private, only those that you allow may see your images.

Just give the person the web address and your pics can be viewed.

The second purpose is that these websites actually store your pictures for you.

Instead of being stored (or in addition to) on your computer, they are stored on a photo website. Many offer free photo sharing.

To get your photos on a photos sharing website, you need to upload them. Uploading photos is not hard at all, once you get the hang of it.

Here are some sites to consider where you can share photos online. You can click on the links to read my reviews.

  • Kodak Gallery - Share, order prints, buy other items - free and paid accounts.
  • SmugMug - a very good site for storing and sharing with great privacy settings
  • Webshots - limited uploads with a free account
  • Shutterfly - store and share images for free - order prints. Offers multiple uploads.
  • Picasa Web Album - 1GB of free photo storage - sync albums with Picasa 3. Load one picture at a time, unless you use it with the Picasa 3 software (which I like.)
  • Facebook Pictures - read my simple tutorial on how to create and add albums to your Facebook page.
  • Snapfish - Similar to many of the others sites where you can share photos online. However, you must use Firefox to enable multiple uploads of photos. (Otherwise you have to upload one picture at a time.)
  • Fotki - Great for sharing, but especially for backing up your digital images. See pictures to right!
  • WebAsyst - easy to use, and you receive 100MB of free photos storage.

  • *It's a good idea to decide what options are important to you before deciding. I have listed the many features you might consider and that are available on my page Web Photo Sharing.

    Emailing Digital Photos

    If you use email, you can email your photos to anyone you like. Each email provider sets things up slightly differently, yet they are all similar. Generally they are added as an attachment to the email. To learn about it in more detail, visit emailing digital photos

    Personal Websites

    You can create your own website and set your photos up creatively for people to view. This is particularly advantageous if you want to sell your photos, but anyone can do it. The photo sharing sites make things easy for anyone.

    Email Provider Storage Areas

    Some email providers allow you to set up photo storage there. Gmail will let you do this. I use a more unknown email provider called Fastmail. They also offer this feature. I am sure there are others who do so also. There are different ways that they work it for your pictures to be viewed.


    Perhaps you are interested in showing people on a forum a picture. Most forums allow you to upload the picture to their site to be viewed. Typically it is inserted right in your post.

    As you can see, there are quite a few options. The most common ways are using either email or photo sharing sites.

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    Which site should I use to share photos online? I need an easy one!

    I like Picasa and Shutterfly.

    What is the best way to backup my photos?

    Use an online backup service or purchase an external hard drive.

    What about storing my photos?

    If you don't have tons of pictures, you can easily use one of the online photo sharing and storage sites. If you have a lot, I would store them in folders and files on your computer.

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