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Shutterfly Photo Book
Easy, Fun and Creative!

When you create a Shutterfly photo book, there are tons of options to make it as creative as you like.

The photobook is just one of the great features on this photo sharing site, and it's nice to be able to do this if you store pictures there. What great holiday gifts too.

Basically, you can make a photo book out of any or all of your images, and then order the book to be actually made with your photos professionally printed.

There are many themes to choose from, both for occasions and general purpose. There is even Martha Stewart designs.

As you make your Shutterfly photo book, there are tabs at the top. The four tabs are Style, Cover, Pages and Preview.

Here is where you decide how you want the pages of your photo book to look. You can It's easy to make a Shutterfly Photo Book.choose page colors and background designs. It's just a starting point, because you have a lot more choices under the Pages tab. The Shuttefly photo book allows for text on your pages and also the cover if you like. Under the Style tab, you can customize the fonts by style, size and color.

Two pages from my Shutterfly photo book.

Also you can choose the look of your photos with something called Edges. For an example, one I like is called torn pages…it gives a casual look to the pictures. However, there are many others.

You can select your photo book cover to be leather, padded and/or have one of your photos on it. Along with this there are color choices.

Under the Pages tab, you select layouts for your photos. You can have one picture on a page or numerous ones. Once you select how many you want on a page, you then can select from all different kinds of layouts. Perhaps you want them lined up so that neat captions will be next to them.

Or maybe not…you might want more of a collage-type look. There are just so many to choose from. Try one, and if you don't like it, choose another! Just drag and drop your pictures. Here also, your choices for Backgrounds and Edges (of your photos) are expanded and you can play around to really see what you like best.

Click the Preview tab, and take a look at what you have so far. Pages are shown as if the book was open and you were looking through it. There are some options here such as zooming in to see it larger. What I really liked was the option to share the photo book online. That's without printing it!

You can also do some simple editing.

Once you are done with everything and you are satisfied, click the order button. Any Shutterfly photo book comes with 20 pages. Additional pages are extra. As an example of the prices, an 8 ½ x 11 photo book with a suede cover is $29.99. When I think about how much good photo paper alone costs when I print at home (not to mention the re-printing to get it right), it's pretty reasonable. In addition, you get professionally printed photos and a beautiful album.

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Photos at dusk are enchanting.

You can edit with picasa 3.

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There are other sites where you can create these photo books too. One such site is the Kodak Gallery, where you can make Kodak Photo Books as an alternative to Shutterfly.

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