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Shutterfly - Working With Shutterfly Pictures

Shutterfly is an excellent site where you can share your Shutterfly pictures online and it is very user friendly!

It is absolutely free to use, with no limit on the number of photos you can upload. In addition, there is no file size limit either, although they do recommend keeping a photo file size under 10MB.

If you want to ever want to get your photos back on your computer (in case of accidental deletions, computer problems, etc.), you can do so. However, as with many other sites, you must purchase an archival CD to be able to download full resolution digital images.

To upload photos to Shutterfly, simply click the Upload button and browse to the folder on your computer where you pictures are. You can select multiple pictures to upload at one time. Create a name for the album (or add them to an existing album), and that's about it.

Sharing Shutterfly Pictures With Friends and Family

Shutterfly offers two ways to share your photos.
1. Single Shared Album
2. Share Site

What's the Difference? Here are the basics. Either way, you can enter email addresses of the people you would like to send an invitation to so that they can view your photos.

However, with the single shared album, they will only have access to the particular album you have chosen. Comments are always allowed.

When you create your own share site, you can add as many albums to it as you like. You can choose a password so that it can become password protected. Comments can be turned on or off. Pictures can be viewed in different ways.

There are some other differences too, but those are the main ones. For quick sending, I like to just share a single album.

Shutterfly has a Store where you can purchase lots of items, including prints of your Shutterfly pictures, a Shutterfly photo book, mugs, calendars, etc. There are introductory offers for your first print order, along with print plans for additional savings.

The paper your photos are printed on at Shutterfly is top notch. They print your Shutterfly pictures on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This means that your pictures will last for many, many years. When printing, they also use something called VividPics, which optimizes the color in your photos. Shutterfly has received dmany awards for their printing services. They won an award in Money Magazine for their photo books. You can either have your prints delivered or pick them up at a local Target store.

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