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Taking Better Pictures
Simple Digital Photo Tips

Do you want to know some quick tips for taking better pictures?

Before you edit, share, print, etc. you will want the photos you take to be good ones. Here are some digital photo tips that will help you to improve the quality of your digital photos.

Make sure you hold the camera level. I know… it seems obvious. But the slightest tilt of your camera can keep your photo from being straight. Some cameras have grids to help you with this. But even without this camera feature, just being aware of this can help.

Pay attention to the background elements as you frame a picture. You might be photographing something that has such things as scenery in the background or furniture in a room. Make sure that what is there is attractive. If not, try re-framing the picture to capture a better background.

Typically, a camera will focus in the center of the frame. However, many cameras have a focus lock. Let's say you want to take a picture of someone, but you don't necessary want them in the middle of the photo. Focus on the person, press the shutter button half way down, and keep it depressed.

Then re-frame your picture. Once you have it Here are some tips for taking better pictures.the way you want it, press the shutter button down all the way to actually take the picture. By doing this, even if the person is not centered in the photo, he or she will still be in focus.

Keep your back to the sun if possible. Shooting into the sun creates photos with poor lighting.

Explore your camera for taking better pictures. Try out the settings other than Auto. For example, if you are photographing fast moving objects, such as sports or birds, using faster shutter speeds are advisable.

For beginners, many cameras have "scene settings". You can choose the "Sports" setting for this, and the camera will choose the correct shutter speed. For those of you who are a bit more ambitious, you can set the camera to Shutter Priority, and choose a high shutter speed.

Know the maximum distance your built in flash will work. If it will only work for 10 feet, there is no point in trying to take a picture in dim lighting conditions for a distance more than that.

Taking better pictures will be easy if you follow the above suggestions. Some of it is knowing your camera. Part of it is function and the other part is creativity.

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