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Uploading Photos The Easy Way

There are a different situations where you might be interested in uploading photos.

You might want to upload digital pictures to a site to store and share your photos online. Perhaps you would like to show one of your images in a forum and have it appear right in your post. You might also like to upload pics to a Blog, whether it be your own Blog or the Blog of someone else where you are writing a comment.

Uploading photos from your computer is mostly a matter of knowing where you pictures are!

It is likely that your pictures are kept in My Pictures, which is in My Documents. When a site asks you to upload pictures, a box will pop up wanting to know where to find the picture on your computer. You must navigate to the folder where the picture is stored before you Uploading photos is a matter of locating them the actual photo upload.

To do this, find My Documents and then scroll to My Pictures. Here, you should have stored your pictures in folders with names.

(If you are unsure about how to do this visit organize digital photos.)

Click on the folder which holds the picture you want to upload. Double click on the picture to select it for uploading.

If you want to upload multiple images, hold down Ctrl while clicking on the various photos.

Usually there is a button to click on which says Upload, or something similar. Click on this button. That's all there is to upload pics.

If you are interested in getting pictures onto Facebook, please read my simple tutorial Facebook Pictures.

Some sites have no restrictions on the file sizes of your pictures. They will either accept the original size or resize it themselves. However, other sites may require the image not to exceed a certain file size. Most of the time, if you right click on a picture and choose Properties, you will see the picture's existing file size. If it is too large, you will have to resize it.

To learn about resizing images, please visit my page resize digital photos.

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There are many photo sharing sites. Some are free, while others charge a reasonsable fee for you to use there site and share photos online.

Perhaps you just need a place to store your photos. Other than your computer, there are numerous sites that offer digital photo storage.

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