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Watermark software allows you to watermark pictures with an image or text and embedding it into your photo. Typically it has the name of the photographer who took the photo and/or company name.

It can be the name of your website. This helps to prevent people from copying and re-using your image. This is not to say that the watermark cannot be cropped out of the photo or attacked in some other way.

When placing a visible watermark you can locate it anywhere on the image. If it is placed in a more central location or rather large, it can't be cropped too successfully. However, the watermark is now more obtrusive as compared to locating it in one of the corners.

Another option to consider is creating an invisible, or almost invisible watermark. To go even further, you can register with Digimarc Corporation. You can then get your own Digimarc ID and embed this into your image.

Here is a sample of a visible watermark I placed on one of my videos on my landscape design site. (Click to play the video and see the watermark.) As you can see, it is in the lower left corner and does not interfere with the image.

There are quite a few companies that offer watermark software. Personally, I don't like things to be complicated and like software that offers options yet is simple to use. One such watermark program is Visual Watermark. It is very easy to use. You can create a text watermark in the software or you can upload one of your own images to use. There are editing options also, such as fonts, colors, and opacity.

Opacity is a nice feature when you watermark photos. You can make the watermark, whether it be text or an image, translucent so that you can see through it and it is not completely solid.

If you'd like to try out this watermark software, there is a free trial. To buy, the cost is a one time fee of $19.95 for personal use or $39.95 for business use. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Many of the more upscale photo editing programs, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Software, offer watermarking in their features. Another easy software program to use is Picasa 3. If you would like to read detailed information as to how to create a watermark in Picasa 3, visit my page, Picasa Photo Editing. I also show an example there.

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Please visit Picasa Photo Editing to learn how to create a watermark in Picasa 3.

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