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Your decision on which web photo sharing site you finally choose will be made much easier once you think about what you actually want.

Not each and every photo website will have every feature. You will want to select the one that meets your personal needs.

So here is a list of features to think about when you share photos online.

1. Who will you want to view your photos? This might be friends, family members, business associates, clients, and so on. Privacy options is a feature to consider. You may also want your photos or photo sharing gallery available to the general public for viewing as a marketing tool. Along this line, sometimes they will show up in the search engines for image searches.

2. Are you considering a digital photo sharing site for online backup and storage for your photos? This is certainly an option, and you will want to make sure that the site stores your original images, not just compressed files. Two sites that provide this are SmugMug and Fotki (my reviews).

3. Will you be uploading a huge amount of photos or just a few for your web photo sharing? Some sites have a limit on how many photos you can store on the site. Others do not. And speaking of limits, when you are looking for sites for photo sharing online, some sites have a maximum file sizes per image stored. Typically this is not an issue, but if you take pictures with very large file sizes, be sure the photo site you choose will accommodate them.

4. Would you like to easily place your images on your website or blog? Many sites offer this feature. A "widget" (which is just some simple html code) is created. You then copy and paste it to where you want your digital photo to appear. Some sites offer sideshow and other creative options. Here's an example of one of my albums on Fotki.

5. Do you want to be able to create gifts out of your images, such as mugs, photo shirts, etc? Look for a site that offers this.

6. How about joining groups with similar interests. Some web photo sharing sites have groups, forums and so on. You can also view photo galleries of others.

7. What about photo editing? Is this something you do? If so, you may be satisfied with your photo editing program on your computer. Photo sites may or may not offer photo editing, so decide if this is something that is important to you.

8. Do you want a free site or would you consider paying for additional features. For example, a site may have a limit on the number of photos you can upload with a free account, yet there would be no limit with a premium account.

9. Will you be printing photos? If so, do you need a site that offers digital photo printing services or will you be printing them yourself?

10. Would you like to synchronize your photos on your computer with the digital photo sharing site? Typically there is software that works with the site to do this. One such example is Picasa.

Once you decide where your priorities are, you can look for a web photo sharing site. It's better to do this to start with, rather than finding out later that the site does not meet your needs.

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