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Web Resizer
An Easy Way To Resize Digital Images Online

Web Resizer is a photo resizing website.

It addresses resizing an image's viewing size along with its file size. It's quite amazing in its simplicity!
When the site opens (it is a website rather than a photo software program that you download), the first step is to upload your photo. Two sample images are shown, an original and one with a reduced file size. Once you upload your photo, it replaces these two images. So you see your photo at its original size and also a reduced optimized size.

You can either keep the physical size of your photo as it is, or you can reduce it. To make it Web resizer works very well with images.smaller, you enter either the new width or height. Your picture will change to its new size at the top. However, the original maintains the same file size. The optimized photo has a reduced file size.

Next you can change the photo file size. Next to Image Quality, enter a lower number and click enter. You will now see the photo with its even smaller file size. Look at it to see if the quality is acceptable. If not, you can increase it.

So you can make changes back and forth until you are happy with the way your photo looks. Then what you do is download it by clicking on the Download button. You can now store the revised image on your computer.

Where it says Image Quality, if you will look to the left, you will see a box that says Compare Images. This is a great feature! Check this box. Now, if you look further down on the screen you will see about eight different comparisons of image sizes Webresizer is a great website for images.and quality settings.

You can keep it VERY simple, by just looking at them all and seeing which you like best....then select it to see the comparison to your original!

There is also a button which allows you to start over completely.

What I like about Web Resizer is that it is extremely simple to use, and it is completely flexible regarding making changes and going back and forth. Also it is free.

In addition, you can rotate your image. There are simple choices for Sharpen, Tint, Contrast, Exposure and Color Saturation. I was surprised at what a decent job it did.

All in all, this is a very interesting program that anyone can use. The simplicity of its resizing features is amazing. I would highly recommend taking a look at it.

Did I mention it is free?

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